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CES 2019: Apple plastered a message for Amazon and Google at the biggest tech conference of the year.

Apple CES 2019

Apple never had a big presence at CES but this year it has the biggest ad plastered to the side wall of a hotel.


Apple shout out its privacy at  Amazon and Google . Woah!

Who is leading

It is expected that at CES 2019, Amzon and Google are going to have a big presence. Biggest announcements to be Artifical intelligence and partners that run Alexa and Google Assistant.



Apple has made the biggest impact in coming CES 2019 this year with a big slap on other competitors.  Revealed yesterday, a big ad on the side of a hotel wall that overlooks the venue of CES 2019, The Las Vegas Convention Center, where, Amazon and Google are set to have a huge presence.

Usually, Apple does not officially attend the biggest tech event CES in Las Vegas but its legacy of advertisements is still making its presence felt at the 2019 edition of the show.

CES 2019 will kick off of Tuesday, and Apple has timed it perfect for its ad on the side wall of Marriott hotel in Las Vegas showing an iPhone with the caption” What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”.  Below the poster is a URL pointing to Apple’s privacy policies leaving a direct message for its competitors and loyal customers.

In other ways, the ad plays on the fears that Google or Android operated mobile phones leak people’s data to governments or hackers or who knows!

Moreover, Apple has focused on its privacy policy priding as the phone maker that respects its customers’ privacy. Everyone remembers the time when Apple fought the FBI when the biggest intelligence agency asked apple to unlock the San Bernarido shooter’s iPhone.

Another example is when Apple CEO Tim Cook frustrated Mark Zuckerberg by weighing in ” We’re not going to traffic in your personal life,” said Cook. Adding “Privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty.”

The ad is positioned very well, next to the Las Vegas’ monorail system, whose shuttles are currently advertising ads for Google. But the passengers will see this big Billboard by Apple its’ biggest competitor.

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