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New innovation app designed by a Dad that will freeze kid’s phones until they call back.


In 2019 it is very hard for dad’s and mom’s or any guardian to make kids call them back after a specific time. With the boost of the internet and social media, kid’s are forgetting to call back their loved ones. Fortunately, Nick Herbert did massive favor to all parents by creating an app called ReplyASAP, which will lock kids’ phones until they call their parents back. Now, this is innovation for parenting and has been featured by TV: Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN, CTV, ITN and Globo (South America)

It is very simple and straight forward as it looks. So this is how it works: If you call your kids and they do not answer, this new app will prevent the kids to use their phones till they reply back to their parents. So far, the app is loved by parents and guardians. Since its launch in 2017, the app has been downloaded more than 76000 times. This may not be good news for Apple users as this app is only available for Android users and we may see an introduction to the Apple apps store soon.  Cost wise, the first connection will be free and after that, you may have to pay a few bucks to add new connections per month.

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